Welcome to ERASMUS+ SGGW blog!

Visiting Wrocław with ESN SGGW

Hello good people!

Welcome to Erasmus+ SGGW blog! This blog is a platform for all mobility students of Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW). The main goal of this blog is creating a place, where students can share opinions about their time spent in SGGW. You will find here some information about studies in SGGW, useful advice on how to survive in Poland and students’ impressions and stories from their stay in Warsaw. This blog can provide some important information for our future mobility students.
We also appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how to make students’ mobility programms even better in the future.


So, to all of Erasmus+ students, we hope you can participate in creating our blog! Write your opinions or send us your stories! Everybody can write, everybody can be a blogger, everybody can share! Because sharing is caring 🙂

Enjoy your mobility with Erasmus+ SGGW!




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