Erasmus has changed my life!

Benefit Report

Svetlana Beketova

Erasmus+ Student, Russia

Samara University, Samara

Hello everyone, my name is Svetlana Beketova and I am a master student of the SSAU. This year I was fortunate enough to become a member of the Erasmus + international mobility program, and to become a master student of the SGGW for the spring semester. It was the most unforgettable experience in my life and I just have to share it with you.

Perhaps I’ll start with the most important thing – my studies, I chose subjects from the Faculty of Economics exclusively, since I wanted to study more deeply all aspects of my speciality.

In the process of learning, I realized an important feature of European education: teachers try to devote as much as possible to the practical application of the knowledge gained, it turned out to be very effective for me, I even visited one of the Warsaw airports to understand the specifics of the process. It was especially pleasant to realize that every teacher is ready to support you and help with all questions you may have. With such support, you simply have no chance of poorly assimilating any object. In addition, after passing the course, I was able to take part in an international conference among students, the subject of which was the world economy in the modern world. It was very interesting to listen to the views of representatives of different countries on the current trends of the world economy. Being in such an atmosphere you get knowledge from almost everywhere, every little thing has an impact on your education. This is especially true of improving language skills, because you get so much professional vocabulary, and you also need to prepare for lectures, protect projects, and just communicate with different people.

People are a very important part of this experience, because communicating with them you will get to know not only the person, but also the culture of a certain country, not to mention the fact that you get a wonderful friend. I used to love to travel very much, but now I have a strong motivation for this, because coming to almost every country I can meet my friend, whom I gained thanks to Erasmus +.

In conclusion, I would like to say a huge thank to the Erasmus + program and the SGGW for such a great opportunity, I can say with confidence that this experience has changed my life!


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