I am so proud of myself!

Benefit Report

Rantloko Rolly Maapola

Erasmus+ student, South Africa

Tshwane University of Technology, Rantloko Rolly Maapola

Warsaw University of Life Science, has a good environment, everyone is so polite, it is very safe and the classrooms are well organised. Compared to my university they have lot of laboratories and equipments for the experiments. The lecturers are so supportive and kind. What I have benefited from this program is that most of the courses I was attending were about research of nanomedicines, so I have learned a lot about nanotechnology and it was very helpful for me, because I want to be a researcher and to do a PhD research in the filed of nanotechnology.

I have learned how to speak Polish and other European languages, discovered different cultures and how to travel around Europe. I learned to be independent and strong because I was so afraid to go to foreign country far away from home but I have overcame my fear and I am so proud of myself. I would like to apply again for this program.


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