I would apply if I have a chance again!

Benefit Report

Uyanga Ganbold

Erasmus+ student, Mongolia

Mongolian University of Life Sciences

My name is Uyanga Ganbold, master student at Mongolian University of Life Sciences, Mongolia. I have been accepted to the Warsaw University of Life Sciences-SGGW, Poland within the Erasmus+ Program “KA1 Mobility for Learners and Staff” for 4 months (20 February 2019-20 June 2019).

At the WULS-SGGW, I attended to the following subjects: Pharmacology, Imaging diagnosis, Toxicology, Polish language etc. As they do not offer subjects for master students, I had to choose subjects from 3rd and 4th year subjects for bachelor students.

I would say that the academic life in the WULS-SGGW is student-centered. Students obtain the knowledge by themselves from every possible source and prepare presentations. Through this, students participate the classes by themselves, discuss and learn fluently. Professors are highly educated and outstanding, yet, they keep learning with the students. All the staff and students speak English, so I could not find any difficulties to communicate with others.

Polish language was quite interesting to learn even though it is said that the most difficult language to learn. It seemed like if you know Russian language, you can understand its structure even faster.

My English language improved into more progressive level and learned new terms in professional classes. Recently, I am employed as a student exchange coordinator at my home University. This mobility was the best experience for me to perform this job as this program is organized in English speaking environment and as I could transfer my experience to the prospective students to the EU student and staff mobility.   

Personally, I learn many new things and made many acquaintances from other countries. I have seen and learned many new cultures from not only Erasmus students, but other international students at WULS-SGGW. I learned how to explore new things to learn, how to take care of my physical and mental health, how to adapt with another culture and environment, how to be responsible. Furthermore, I learned new culture and new language.

The climate and nature is similar to my country, so it was pleasant for me. I suppose, the living cost is much cheaper comparing to other European and Asian countries. It is not hard to find someone who can speak English, so I could travel freely and public transportation is easy use.      

I would apply if I have a chance again without any hesitation for the staff mobility after some time, however, at the moment, I intend to perform my career.  


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