Warsaw, always in my heart!

Benefit Report

Mariam Meshvelashvili

Erasmus+ student, Georgia

Ilia State University, Tbilisi

I would like to write a short summary of my experience as an Erasmus exchange student in Warsaw. I was participant of “Erasmus+” MSc mobility program for the Fall Semester 2018/19 at Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW, Poland. I have never thought that those few months can be so special and so meaningful for someone’s life. But I was wrong as there is no other experience like it in life.

First of all, I will start from my academic life there. There were lots of courses offered in English in Warsaw. So I have not had any issue for finding courses which I was interested in or was obligatory for me to pass. Like: Operation management, Managerial economics, Electronic commerce, International finance, Business planning, Diploma seminar, Academic writing: standards and practices. Apart from these courses all of Erasmus students had chance to attend any courses offered at university. It was also nice that Erasmus students had opportunity to attend Polish Language course and study some basic Polish. Moreover, lots of them have got credits from this course. As for lecturers, they treated us as a friend, not just as a student. They were so competent and also I liked their way of teaching. Almost every course had presentation or final project and some of them were required to write final exam as well. Still, it was not so hard to pass.

I have to admit that be part of a class with so many international students from different universities and countries was a great opportunity as I have obtained so unique and special knowledge from each of student. By sharing their ideas, different prospective of views, taking part in discussions and making presentations with them was the way to broaden my horizon way much more.

Dormitory life was unfamiliar for me. I was worried at first, I could not even imagine living with “strangers” and sharing with them one room. But thanks to this I got my lifelong friends. It was a place where I had chance to be part of a big international family. Living all together in one building and having international dinners almost every week, amazing parties, movie nights, night walks and other things were unchangeable and unforgettable experience. Dormitory is a way to be aware of and part all the happenings and gatherings with Erasmus students. In addition, it was very convenient that all the buildings: library, dormitories, canteen, buildings of all faculties have been located in one area.

I am super grateful of IRO and ESN for the role of adapting and supporting Erasmus students. The members from Erasmus Students Network were organizing many trips, like in Krakow, Gdansk, etc. and arranging some events, parties, picnics. They did really great job and their involvement was super important for us.

I had an opportunity especially during holidays to travel outside of Poland as well. Travelling has given me a sense of wanderlust. My world has been expanded significantly as I have visited several countries in Europe: France, Spain, Belgium, Hungary and Netherlands. Christmas in Paris was super AMAZING! Moreover, my childhood dreams come true; I spent an incredible and magical day in Disneyland, the happiest place in the world. I was truly impressed and surprised by a little gorgeous city Bruges, Belgium. I was totally charmed by the atmosphere there: narrow streets, a lot of shops with handmade chocolates, a boat trip on the canals, swans that float smoothly in the cold water. Bruges, a city of amazing beauty!

It says: coming home you will no longer be a person you were when you first packed your bags. Yeah, I feel I am not the same and even more I know I am better version of myself now.

You know why my Erasmus was so special? Amazing people there made my exchange unforgettable. I am super grateful to all of them for making me feel like home.

If there is one thing that I will never doubt in my life, it is that I made the right decision to go on an exchange to Poland. I will be always ready to have such kind of experience and live with Erasmus life again. However, Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate in the Erasmus+ within this master program as I am finishing my university in this year.

I have not had a semester in a life but I had a life in one semester!


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