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Benefit Report

Maya Rizki Sari

Erasmus+ student, Indonesia

Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor

Dzien Dobry!

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Maya Rizki Sari.  I come from Indonesia, and study at one of the best universities in Indonesia for the Master degree at Bogor Agricultural University with a major in Management.

In life, I have many dreams.  Therefore I have to learn to make them happen.

My father once said … „Europe is a great continent, there you find lots of colors, historical stories, and other wisdom”.  Since then I intended to study in Europe.

So … on the way, fate answers my prayers.  I had the opportunity to take part in an extraordinary program, the exchange program „Key Action Erasmus Mobilty for Learner and staff” at the Warsaw University of Life Science (WULS-SGGW) in Poland.

A big dream came true!  Study in Europe!

I cried because I was happy to get that golden opportunity.  Only one delegation was sent from Indonesia. And than … I made it as an extraordinary learning material and a means to improve myself.  My journey began on February 20, 2019 and lasted until June 21, 2019. One round of stories in the part of my destiny was the most memorable.

At WULS, I was not just an exchange student, but I also did a research for my master thesis.  On the sidelines I also participated in an international conference representing Indonesia where I presented my paper.

For the field of study, I took courses that were directly related to my major, and also can be recognised at my home university in Indonesia. As for the results, I got 5/5 points in all subjects selected at WULS.

Academic life in Europe is very interesting.  At WULS the lecturers are very friendly, always appreciate more for students, and the most unique is that „homework” is something that is rarely found during my studies in Europe. 

The host university (WULS-SGGW) mostly uses several evaluation criteria for the exams.  Among them, written exams, projects or presentations, group assignments, etc.

One more thing.  Indonesian students prefer to have many organizations and they are happy to entertain themselves with a variety of organizational work programs.  Therefore students go to their classes in the morning and then, in the evening there are meetings for the implementation of the organization’s work programs. Parties are not a common thing to do in Indonesia, because alcoholic drinks still illegal there as the majority of the population are Muslims, who must consume halal food and beverages.

I feel very much benefited starting from the knowledge and experience received, and of the wider network that may be hepful for my future carrier.

Life in Europe taught me many things: about tolerating more and appreciating all what is different from us, about learning things that we never knew before, about language that is very unique, and friends who are also extraordinary.  I learned a lot from the interaction with them.

Positive things … my mind is more wide open because of having a lot of discussions with those who are not from Indonesia.  The people are very friendly.  I am impressed by the kindness of the people there.

And the negative … sometimes there is also someone who has generalize perspective about religion and nationalism.  Because I am a Muslim, using „hijab” that is of concern to others because of the very different costumes used.  Some even showed cynicism and laughed when I walked with a hijab on my head in the summer.  I just smile when they responding like that.  Naturally … Everyone has a different perspective.  From there we learn to mature ourselves.

Lots of great memories and lessons that I can take from this mobility.  I hope I can join again to the other Erasmus projects.

Thank you for the best experience i’ve ever had 🙂

Warm regards.

Maya Rizki Sari.


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